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 The Human Gangs of Vegas

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The Human Gangs of Vegas Empty
PostSubject: The Human Gangs of Vegas   The Human Gangs of Vegas EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 2:35 am

Brothers of Mayhem-
A Biker gang out of Henderson, they seemingly run the town, having the local law on the take. They deal mainly in gun running and extortion as well as pornography..they own a large Bar/ Club, called " Mayhem" where they hang out with their girls and work on bikes for a "legit" source of income

Vice Lords-
a latin gang that holds several neighborhoods in summerset, dealign mainly in drugs, heroine and cocaine to be precise, they arent well organized but are fierce and normally well armed

The Paradise Bloods-
also control turf in summerset and constantly fight it out with VC, they arent as well armed but way more organized, they deal mainly in extortion and car boosting

"Surenos" The New Mexican Mafia-
a group of many latino gangs, and over 200k world wide, theres claims that several of the Mafias leading Hierarchy has come to Vegas...why?

MS-13 -
a para military group, more of a private army than a gang, comprised of ex soldiers for mexico and southern amaerica, and reputed as aidin al quida smuggle weapons and terroroists into america, it is suspected that they have a large foot hold in Vegas, and several of the groups dominant leaders live and operate throughout southern nevada

Sons of Aires-
Though not technically a gang, and more of a cult, the police have warned civilians to steer clear of them. The SoA has websites and advertise all over the internet, offering a reliable psychic service, guarenteeing results. theyve attracted media attention, as well as federal investigations, always coming up clean, no signs of scams. The thing is they get results, they acurately ttell the future ( vauge as it may be) locate missing people ( police still believe theyve had a hand in kidnapping them) and other things. The SoA are based only in Vegas doing buisness out of the Zodiac Temple in Summerset, and have a few smaller Churches in the major areas in vegas, with 1 or 2 memebrs overseeing them.
The SoA is well funded, and have an army of lawyers protecting their good name, and often employ private security. The leader of the cult, one Dragar Aires is supposedly able to perform near miracles

The Sin City Triads-
Located in new Chinatown dsitrict in Vegas, theyc ontrol teh area with an iron fist, dealing in prostitution, guns, and their biggest slave trafficking, the triad are well organized, well armed and well trained, should take extreme caution
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The Human Gangs of Vegas
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