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 Hello Everyone

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PostSubject: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone EmptyTue Apr 22, 2014 12:58 pm

Hey sorry that I have been away from the game for a while. I moved on March 15, 2014 to a very small town one that is blink and you missed it. Didn't get Internet for the home for a while, so that was holding up. I am still researching for my Chronicle that I am trying to build so please bear with me on that Brandon. I have found my binder with the information, just have a hell of a lot to unpack. I had to restart my new laptop back down to manufacturing due to something causing the windows store to not want to load. I had done what Mircosoft said to do and it said that it didn't work then have to do a system restore. That wasn't fun as it took forever it seemed. Then I started out with 95 updates then it went to 118 updates then to 138 updates and I was like am I ever going to get things done. I still have to download foxit PDF reader. I have to do that on my desktop which still has XP on it. I know working with a dinosaur version of Windows at least it isn't windows 95, lol.

But between taking care of my nephew house and everything else by the end of the day is about the only time that I have to unpack my stuff. Even after a month I am the only one still unpacking. My sister's family had all their stuff packed and labeled I didn't get that luctury as my mother packed everything up for me and put it out into a storage unit my bed frame broke so I am on a 8" matteress on the floor surrounded by boxes, and totes. I have gotten to the point where I can see my lamp light bulb from my bed. I got my guitar here today just need to figure out how to keep a 3 year old from getting into my room when he is out to play. That is going to be fun. LOL

Well thought that I would give everyone an update on how I am doing.

1st Character Alexander
Adamnan Callaghan, British Slave/Ghoul
Zacharie Hercuel Archambault, Gaul Slave/Ghoul turned Childe[/font]
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Hello Everyone
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