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Welcome to the best open world, free roaming, pen and paper NWoD game around. Combining the templates from all the NWoD games into one large ever-changing world
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 James Paterson

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PostSubject: James Paterson   James Paterson EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 6:39 pm

Age: 20
Height: 5'8''
weight: 190
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Description: Always seen with a notepad and usually at least one camera. He wears slighlt loose clothes and usally running shoes since it helps move to his next sounrce of information or out run someone who didn't like his story

Background: Freelance jounarlist that my job it means they like my owrk but think im an ass or something. I look for infoamtion that people should know but theres a limit to what i will do. If someone did something bad it should be handed to the police not sold to the tabloids since most people wont bleive them and our job to bring the infomation to the right people. I started my way of life by reading my HS's newspaper but was kicked when I wouldnt write about the gossip but I found a calling I liked. When I went to college I majored in writing with a minor in photography plus I learned to use a bow to help built up my strength which has saved my ass a couple of times. Knowledge is the greastest weapon in the world it can topple regimes or make them.
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James Paterson
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