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PostSubject: Rome    Rome            EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 3:07 pm

History of Ancient Rome-

Rome            Rome_410

Human Population-
Empire- 60+ Million ( averages of 21-40% of worlds population)
City of Rome-1.2-1.7million

Kindred Population-
Camirilla-500-750 is estimate ( most claim the higher end)
Unaligned-150-250 (number is on the decline thanks to the Draygar and the Legio Mortuum)
Draygar- unknown, but everyone agrees the Draygar's numbers are rising fast)

Rome            Solidu10
The Roman Gold Solidus
Rome            Rome_c10
The Roman Silver Siliqua

The Values of the Coins
Pound of Gold- 72 Solidus
Solidus Miliarense SiliquaFollis Nummus
Solidus 112 24 180 7200
Miliarense1/12 1 2 15 600
Siliaqu1/24 1/2 1 7 1/2 300
Follis1/180 1/15 2/15 1 40
Nummus 1/72001/600 1/300 1/40 1
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