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 Is the Vegas Polcie to become Privatized?

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PostSubject: Is the Vegas Polcie to become Privatized?   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:36 pm

The council just voted unanimously to allow President and CEO of Clarke and associates , one Desmond Clarke to put his private security company on the streets of vegas, with all police powers. This owuld mark the first time a major city has had a private police force, the mayor of vegas had this to say

The police have threatend strike, they are under manned, under gunned and crime is near rampant in our streets, we were left no choice but to let Clarke and Associates step in and save our city.."

This came as a shock, even more when we learned the police force will patrol the city in SWAT gear and carrying Assault rifle Carbines..., and riding in armored police cruisers and in the "Bear" a 6 wheeled, armored urban assault tank... this reporter says the criminals in Las Vegas have something to worry about, but do the citizens as well...as always more on this as it develops"
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Is the Vegas Polcie to become Privatized?
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