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 Dracken the Backlash

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PostSubject: Dracken the Backlash   Dracken the Backlash EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 4:33 pm

Dracken Constantine
age- 29
ht- 6'2"
hair- long black
eyes- wears contacts to make his eyes pure white

Life doesnt always go to plan, speedbumps slow us down, roadblocks bar our way...and sometimes, well sometimes god drop a fuckin meteor on your car and says your fucking walking...

My name is Dracken "Backlash" Constantine, and my life is a compilation of seemingly fucked up things creating a bizare and twisted story that most wont believe, hell after reading this your prolly gonna think i should be drugged up, jacketed and tossed in a padded cell to drool for the rest of my life...heh maybe i should...

Well i guess ill start from the beginning, or at least te most relevant part...
My childhood was ordinary..ordinary if your mother was an archeoligist, always gone searching the world over for old haitian voodoo tombs and indian burial mounds...she always believed the supernatural exsisted...i havent decided, and son to stage magician, Constantine...heh what a stage name right...hate to say it dads act was pretty damn good..got us moved to Vegas, and made a pretty penny signing contracts with the mgm and saharra..haha yea i know you feel sooo sorry for me, mom a famous archeoligist, and dad a world wide sensation for his stage performance...poor little rich kid..i get the cle shay..trust me

Still life for me wasnt normal, my parents werent around, ever, but their influence was, Dad wanted me to follow in hsi footsteps and be his prodigy, his successor to the Constantine family "Arcane" Arts, i didnt want to, but i had little choice in the matter, i was groomed to be a stage magician since i was a small child. i guess it wasnt that bad..I could do cool little tricks, impress girls, fuck even made a little money performing at parties and the like...but still its not what i wanted to do..i wanted to explore liek my mother...man could you iagine it crawling through unexplored dungeons and tombs..fighting off crazy natives..now that sounds like a career choice...life doesnt turn out the way you want

I was 16 when my mom was killed in Romania, they said she died of a wwierd disease...you kidding me a disease..we never got a call that she was sick, jus tthat she died...they didnt even give us a corpse..said they cremated the body for some quarantine rule...bullshit.
Dad took it hard, i mean they never saw each other but he loved her just the same i suppose..he broke down.
On stage at the MGM grand, one of his tricks went bad, apparently he had one where he could power batteries and small elctrical devices with his hands..a neat trick to be sure..baffled audiences...somehow it went bad, burned half the casino down..no one got the details,when i heard i rushed over, but couldnt even get inside some fucked up guys in black suits had the place closed off...hell even the cops and fire department couldnt get in... but Dads been missing ever since...

So there i am a 16 year old millionare, dads MIA presumed dead, Mom is dead..so i did what any reasonable teenager would do..i got wasted, really wasted...man i threw massive parties, bought more drugs..i mean we partied down..scarface style, this went on till my 21st birthday...and everything changed for me...an epiphany i guess..why not why cant i have what i want and what they wanted...
I fired the help, sold off my estate, invested my money and got prepared, i bought various props and shit for spectacular magic act...all the gear id need to go exploring in forbidden areas and bought the best personal trainers and self defense instructors and weaponry i could afford..i was ready
The next 5 years, is where my story gets really intresting...so everythin was set, i had it all set up, i had weapons,equipment, training, and several months a year i performed my act in Vegas, under the famed name Backlash the Reborn ( i wore a mask and didnt speak, under the guise i might be my father returned)
I was beckoned i think to travel to Romania, something about my mthers death was bullshit, it stank and i knew it. Talking with locals i was warned to stay away from Bran Castle, saying the tourist trap is simply just that a trap..and its the last place his mother visited when she died...
So naturally after being warned of the dangers by several locals of the dissapearences of tourists, and absence of local wildlife around the the castle...i made my way there, i waited till the museum closed for the night, and snuck in, scaling the walls dispatchng a security guard and made y way in, after some investigating i located a cleverly hidden door to the bowels of the castle.....i shouldnt of ever went down there

To this day i know what i saw, but no one believes me....Vampires, or something they were there, people were chained up and others were biting them draining blood, while a groups of 8 sat around a table dressed in tuxedos eating flesh and drinking goblets of blood...like they were sitting down to sunday breakfast...I bailed as fast as i could, one closed in on me, moved fast REAL fast, so i hit it with a shotgun blast in teh face..the thing screamed and i made it out..alarms blared as i scaled the wall back over and left i must of tripped and hit my head...cause i lost several hours, it was daylight when police found and arrested me for tresspassing...ill never forget the man who came to the jail that evening...he was down there, the head of the table...the museums curator, he shook the policemans hand and said he doesnt wish to press charges, that the lure of Draculas castle often brings americans over the seas..and no harm was done...he looked at me and smiled and i swear his eyes glew yellow for a split second....
So i was nicely deported back to the states and told to not come back again...

So here i am, a stage magician, back in las Vegas and nothing is the same, i constantly feel liek im being watched if i go out at night..the worlds changed for me..liek ive awoken to soemthing while the rest of these fuckers are still asleep...they wont get me..ill fight them, ill fight them all..
"So...is that a good enough hook for you...do i have the job"?
The hotel and casino managers mouth kind of dropped as Dracken smiled and started laughing
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Dracken the Backlash
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