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 Los Angeles

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PostSubject: Los Angeles    Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:45 pm

Los Angles-
Kine Population-over 8 million
Kindred Population- 50-100 at any given time
Uratha Population- Very few, no confirmed, but that doent mean there are none
Mages- The Adamantite Arrow has a few cabals here, but the real power is The Atlantean Mysterium
other supernaturals- unknown
Hunter Population- The city of angels draws hunters from all walks to the area

L.A. Information-

Map of L.A.-

Local Legends-

L.A. is a massive city, that houses a large population of Mages,sadly they do not rule the city, they work behind scenes, and stay to themselves working on ancient mysteries. The unproclaimed leader of the dark underworld is Cardinal Bishop. HE heads the Lancea Snantum, and they rule the kindred infrastructure, nearly half of the kindred in teh city belong to the Sanctum, giving the Cardinal absolute control. The mages allow it, and even ally with the Kindred, helping each other on many occasions, though its rumored they were suppose to aid in over throwing the Prince of Vegas, but opted out of the arangement at the last minute for an unknown reason.

The Atlantian Mysterium-
[b] The Atlantian Mysterium is a cabal of force wielding mages, very old and powerful, and capable of destroying the kindred int eh city if they choose, the cabal, ionly recruit experienced mages of force magic, as well as prime and death magic, they have recruited kindred into their ranks...no one knows why. though there are theories

The Guardians of the Veil- have a small cabal mainly to watch teh AM

(more to come)
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Los Angeles
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