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Welcome to the best open world, free roaming, pen and paper NWoD game around. Combining the templates from all the NWoD games into one large ever-changing world
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PostSubject: Metagaming   Metagaming EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 7:31 pm

Dont do it, for those whom do not know what metagaming is...

Metagaming- " the act of using your personal knowledge as your characters" IE- i heard the storyteller say there was a trap on a door earlier in the day, so my character will know that, or i know how to hack computers, so ill sue knowledge i knwo as my characters, even though he has 1 int and 0 computer

this is a big NO NO, and not allowed in our community

do it and get warned privatly, continued abuses will result in character death and game removal
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