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 City Information for the Players-

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City Information for the Players- Empty
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Sin City-

City Information for the Players- Lv2

Sin City is the most dark and sinister place in America, the bright lights, crazy atmosphere, and "what happens here stays here" mentality is only part of what makes Vegas teh capitol for sin. Theres something much more sinister, walking in the shadows ... in recent years Las Vegas has become murder capitol of the world as leading the world in disappearence climbing the charts for most other crimes as well...leading the government t9 declare a near state of emergency

History of Las Vegas-
Map of Las Vegas-

Kine Population- around 1.9 million
Kindred Population- around 100-150 kindred occupy vegas reguaraly
Uratha Population-Various packs roam the outskirts, and rumored to inhabit Death Valley
Awkakened Population- Few, as the Prince doesn't trust them, though there are cabals that operates throughout Clark County and the surroudning townships, where they hold great influence
Other Supernaturals Population- unknown
Hunters population-The Paladins Base thier whole operation in Vegas, and have for the past 20 years, numbering around 100 in the city, other than them, The Cheiron group is also active in the city, and some claim to witness men in black suits seemingly covering up some bizarre accident, or unnatural mauling..of course witness details about the incidents are always foggy
Spirit Presence- High, for some reason the large amounts of Vice in Sin City attract many of the shadow realm, and Demon possession is not unheard of

The City is ruled by the Kindred, and with an iron fist, no one opposes The Prince, the last ones who tried..well many Primogen met the sun, werewolves met silver, and the poor mage who was involved was found hung by his own entrails.

Since that day 40 years ago, peace has ruled over Vegas, the Prince has managed to keep the kindred population safe, regardless of all the kindred tourists who come reguarally to partake in all the the City iof Sin has to offer, luckily tens of thousands of human tourists come daily

Noteable Orginizations of the City-

The Nine- little is known about the nine, only that they number 9 members, are members of the ordo dracul from europe, and that the rebellion was caused when the prince disbanded the Primogen council, and put them in as his advisors

The Sheriff- Little is known about the mysterious man whom guards the prince...his core duties as sheriff fall to the hounds, his role seems to be the bodyguard of the prince...standing 7ft tall and ripped with muscles..most people believe no one challenges the prince, not for fear of him, but from fear of the Sheriff

The Carthian Movement- the biggest threat to the Prince in teh city, not because they are powerful, not ebcause they could challenge him, but because they are many, and soak up young kindred like water to a spounge. The Prince realizes this and lets them meet, and make small laws, which he puts into effect, keeping his eye on them, as theirs is on him. The Carthians doors are always open to any kindred who wishes to join them, something the Prince has taken full advantage of

The Lancea Sanctum- The Church of the kindred, is a small covenant today, numbering 5-10 at any one time. Their power was collapsed after the failed rebellion. Peace was eventually made 10 years ago during a meeting between Prince Thorne, and Archbishop Drantagus of L.A., in which the Prince sent an adviser to L.A. and the Archbishop sent a Bishop. Bishop Celeste Harrowinger, a beautiful elder, who some say has been put under vindiclum by the prince, no one knows, but they do say she blotted out the sun to save his life, and most believed it was an odd move

The Prince's Guard- The guard consists of mortals who are either thralled, blood addicted or a ghoul of the Prince. The guard almost purely consist of police, military, professional fighter etc, types that can enforce the princes authority on the world of the living without attracting attention. The guard is reconizable by a tattoo they have somewhere visible, normally the neck or hand, of a sun wrapped in thorns.
Encountering a guard is a truly terrible encounter only if you have reason to fear the prince, otherwise they are like any other human, some are even kind. The police will help you in need, the pro fighters still perform on pay per view, and the soldiers still keep our borders safe.
The guard numbers close to 500 members, enough for a small army of mortals to aide or defend the prince during the day if needed, as well as pass tons of information from around the county to their master.

The Foresaken Influence-
The foresaken have little influence in the city or even clark county, but they surround it, on all sides. Death valley is home to 3 differnt ancient native american tribes, they roam the desert as nomads, battling to keep the Loci in check, and keep the dark spirits from destroying the west coast.
In the actual city limits werewolves are not extinct, there are a few packs who claim dominion over various neighborhoods or areas, as Clark County holds a half dozen or so Loci.

Awakened Influence-
The mages have little influence in Vegas it self, every since their Heirophant was found dead hanging by his entrails, most mages left the city limits and reside in surrounding townships. This was accepted by the Prince of Vegas, who even gave them rights as if they were kindred over their areas, granting even feeding rights to them. There is rumored to be a dozen or so awakened, small groups and cabals.
As of today nearly every small township or town in Clark county has a Mage ruler, either in public or behind the scenes, and they have allied with the kindred, specially the Nine , it is unknown to what purpose the Dracul's and the Awakened have allied, but most believe the outcome could not be good for any that oppose them

(More to Come)
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City Information for the Players-
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