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 Resources, Money, and you

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Resources, Money, and you Empty
PostSubject: Resources, Money, and you   Resources, Money, and you EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 2:29 am

Resources is 1/2 good..1/2 mentally handicapped...

Resource merit will be used to judge hwo much money you have coming in every month, how much you have saved...and what you can buy at char creation

once gameplay starts, you will make actual money from doing jobs, favors, selling this and that, or whatever else you can think of to turn a profit...all items you wish to purchase will be given a price, based on the item type and resource cost

ie a lockpick and a full sized van are 3 resource dots...somethin tell me the vans alot more expensive ( and the van is 3 if you buy it outright...the system is flawed, so hear we use money, and it works alot better...REMEMBER we normally do a day IRL is a game day so resources does not give you a blank check, if you blow all your money you might have a few real time week to wait for your check to come in
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Resources, Money, and you
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