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PostSubject: Jason"Viper"zabath   Jason"Viper"zabath EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 9:01 pm

Jason zabath
hair red ragy
eyes green
ht 5,9
wht 200 lb

Jason was born and raised in Vegas had a normal child hood but got into the wrong crowd when he hit high-school
but ended up joining the military using his talented fists for better use, as his training in the army continued he had the opportunity to join some(classified missions) for the USA and was on loan to British forces. he was on a mission to
(classified location) when he defied his orders and beat someone to death for reasons only known to him and the
dead target, he was dishonorably discharged and came back to sin city with his own sins looming in mined had a few
jobs but he had a hard time taking orders so he eventually found a job as a night guard for a museum he liked his job it was quiet and he didnt have to deal with people to much, he wasent to good at school but was always interested in magic
and powers of history legends and the such, so all these old artifacts, antiques, fossils, oh the things people may of thought these had powers. and what they could do... all this was going to be short lived as was his night of work now all those powers he wondered was going to be opened to him at a price<will it be worth it> well we see...
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