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 Aeron "Beast" Smith

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PostSubject: Aeron "Beast" Smith   Aeron "Beast" Smith EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 4:01 pm

Aeron "Beast" Smith
age- 19
ht- 7'0"
hair-brown cut short
eyes- green

Aeron was born to Susan and Rick Smith, who were dock workers in new york city. He was ok in school grade wish but was best in sports/Gym class. All was going fine till his father was shot in a mugging when he was 16 and his mother took it hard and almost lost her job. Aeron took it another way and took boxing classes as well as buying a glock(one of the dock workers got it for him). He then started asking at night about the man who shot and mugged his father. After a few months he got the name and description of the person, finding mugging lady who he had stabbed. The police report filed said the man was stabbed in the knees, the elbows then finally stabbed in the chest. Someone 911 on the lady's cell but prints

Aeron finished Hs and took a vacation to Vegas
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Aeron "Beast" Smith
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