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 Boston, MA

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PostSubject: Boston, MA   Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:38 am

Sleeper Population-
Awakened Population- Numerous, more so than anywhere else on earth, Base for the MIghty Atlantean Mysrterium, whom draw from all other orders, paths, and Legacies..only the oldest and strongest, as well as some Kindred. On top of that each order has a power structure here, as the Top Heirophants of each order preside. The overall ruling cabal of Course is the Ebon Noose, a group of mages who originally settled here when the first settlers came over from england, they hold their court of power in Salem, and the Heirarch Nemean rules greater Boston
Kindred Population-
The Cirlce of the Crone has a good standing here, and in many instances are peaceful with most mages, no other covenant has a strong enogh center to be noticed ( ie 2-5 maybe )
Uratha Population-
small tribes are not unheard of, nothing of note
Other supernatural- varies, spiritual presence is high, which can attract geists and uratha, but neither stay long, as the mages have an iron fit
Hunter Population- The go to place for witch hunters..Boston swarms with the Promethean Brotherhood, and ahve grown in power over the last few years, to ahve a dominat foothold and considered a conspiracy

History of Boston-

Map of Boston-

Local Legends-
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Boston, MA
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