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 A proposed gift from your mage friend

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A proposed gift from your mage friend Empty
PostSubject: A proposed gift from your mage friend   A proposed gift from your mage friend EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 5:21 am

Abbaddon offers a service, creating a knapsack for each of the players, this knapsack is quite magical and has a few key benefits

* the knapsack opens into a pocket dimension with near infinite space
*- the knapsack though made of leather has a durability of 6 sand a structure of 6
*- the knapsack is bound to the player, any other who open without the password chosen by user is hit with magical energy
*- if the knapsack is seperated from its linked soul for over 24 hours it returns to the linked person or a predesignated spot
*- when reaching into the bag the player can grab whatever he is thinking of
* the bag is just a bag you can not put a car inside it for instance, but weapons money, books, notes etc useful things

Abaddon tells you all that theres a catch for this favor, that when you return to where you come from, that you bring you new friends with you
and also you owe him  a favor

who says you cant take it with you
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A proposed gift from your mage friend
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