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 Creating your Own Bloodline

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Creating your Own Bloodline Empty
PostSubject: Creating your Own Bloodline   Creating your Own Bloodline EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 10:43 pm

So , as instead of adding new base clans, i am adding more focus on actual bloodlines, one part of this is allowing players to create their own.

But there are a few guidelines-
1- the disciplines for the bloodline, must have the base clans core discipline ( ie Dominate for ventrue, Protean for Gangrel)
2- the weakness addition must fit he theme
3- to start a bloodline costs 10xp
4- a backstory for the line must be created

Once this is all completed you can submit it to me, by posting in the user submitted traits area

Once you have submitted i will evaluate it, and either approve, deny or give you a list of changes to be made and ask to resubmit

Unique Disciplines-
Yes your bloodlines disciplines may consist of a unique, following the same rules
it must be fully fleshed out, 1-5 dots, and must be balanced

submit to me in the user created area, and ill look it over for balance and theme issues and agree or deny it based on that...finally it costs 20xp to form a new discipline

if you use both you must pay the whole xp cost at once

DONT despair!!!!
every session, ill hand out Blood Points ( these are experience points that can ONLY be used to spawn a unique line and power) most likely 1bp a game
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Creating your Own Bloodline
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