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 Cursed Bite

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PostSubject: Cursed Bite   Cursed Bite EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 7:26 am

One of the oldest rumors and legends regarding the Uratha, that if a human is bit under the full moon, they will become a wolf on the next full moon..this is of course jsut a legend...the truth is so much more terrifying

The legend is true, but the power has been lost, stolen by vengeful spirits who despised father wolf, so they stole his gift and locked it away

It is written that the knowledge is out there soemwhere, but unsure where

The truth is every 1 thousand years father wolfs essence attatches to an infant pre change, and the power of the cursed Bite manifests, though how to tap in to the power remains a mystery

Cursed Bite 5 dot gift ( available to all renown)
Cost 3 essence and 1 willpower dot ( which is lost in a failure)
Presence + Brawl + Primal Urge - stamina vs resolve
if the roll is successful the Human is bitten, and the curse is transfered, but it doesnt stop there

The bite is a terrible malady, it doesnt always work, once a week till the next moon the mortal must roll stamina+ resolve if the roll nets 1 success it succeeds if the targt fails hsi stamina lowered by 2
Each roll that succeeds ads +1 cumalative to the next roll

the fourth roll is made right before the full moon, if it is passed the target begins a long an dpainful transformation to war form in which they immediatly enter death rage till dawn

the next morning, the player gains a mild derangement and rolls humanity against a sin of hsi current humanity

1 week later the target transforms again , when he awakes he gains another mild derangement or upgrade to severe
the next week the same with a new mild degneration and humanity must be rolled

the fourth transformation goes smoothly, and the player recalls the events of the transformations ( at hsi point he adds the werewolf template)

During the transformations of the target the wolf who cursed him is always aware of where he is and hsi general mood and health, when the fourth week has passed the newly born uratha is Sired to its maker ( similar to 3rd stage viniclum) and becomes a member of the Alpha Wolfs pack, loyal to them so long as they arent terribly treated.

Most forsaken, vampires and hunters fear that this power will ever manifest, if it could be taught, the total of werewolves could spike, a powerful alpha with dozens of loyal wolves to fight and die for them

( comments and critques alwys welcome)
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Cursed Bite
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