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PostSubject: DAMON ROMAN PURCHASES AND INVESTMENTS   Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:24 am

Cash on hand- 130,000 silver
Net Value - 5,000,000
Monthly Earning- 50,000
Monthly Upkeep-

Slave Market- Damon's Discount Slaves "Price is reduced, not the Quality"
he buys hundreds of slaves, and a compound for them, the slaves get the best treatment and care
he hires 50 men at arms as guards

The Salvatore Ludis " premeire Gladitorial School"
Damon spends the money to buy the best equipment
20 gladius, 15 Spears,ten net and trident combos, 15 daggers 20 shields, 15 sets of Lorica Segmanta, 10 training Dummies
He hires a Doctore and systematically ghouls him ( doctore is  Africanus Maxis, a former gladiator) pays 100s a month
and 15 men at arms (sword lorica segmanta) to guard the Ludis ( 10s a month)
HE then regulates 25 of the best slaves to be trained in the gladitorial arts

In the sub basement Salvatore pays 25 skilled masons and 50 skilled laborers to design a haven, all are under the effect of awe, and will be dominated upon finsihing) pays 20000 silver for total with labor
Library- as many books on teh occult as i can find
guest haven (4)
Master suit

The Blood Bordello-
Damon buys one of the many bordellos in and around the forum and finds a beautiful woman to be the matron, thralling her to do his bidding, using his powers of majesty and Dominate he "recruits" a dozen or two young beautiful women as whores
(each whore is payed 25% of her earnings and 5s a month)
( madame gets 15% of profits and 20s a month)

Plans -
Grease the palms of several high ranking Roman Guards, Mercant Lords and most importantly Senators and officials ( up to 50s a month for roman guard, 200 silver for merchant  500 silver for government offical and 1500 for senator)
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