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 Player Application( Apply here in a reply)

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PostSubject: Player Application( Apply here in a reply)   Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:49 am

1-what brought you here
2- what rpg exp do you have?
3- favorite NWoD template
4-superman or spiderman?
5- what do you prefer in your stories? using percentile tell us how much combat/skill use/roleplaying do you like in the story (IE combat 40% skill use(hacking, research etc) 40% role playing 20%)
These will help the storytellers get a feel for your style
6- repeat this after me...I WILL NOT METAGAME! (metagaming is using information you know as information your character knows..IE you may know how to hack a computer frontwards and back, but your character with 0 dots in computer well he doesnt and acting like he does is a big no no)

Fill this out and i will respond asap
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Player Application( Apply here in a reply)
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