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Welcome to the best open world, free roaming, pen and paper NWoD game around. Combining the templates from all the NWoD games into one large ever-changing world
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PostSubject: Internet/Update   Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:49 am

I have just recently moved and hoping to have internet access in the new place right now working off of a hot spot. Going to call the internet provider to see if there is a special going on for internet/cable/phone bundles. Plus on top of the move and everything else I had 9 teeth pulled on Friday, June 22nd at 10am fun fun so far doing good just for the most part. I thought that I would give an update to how I am doing. I am taking a break from college right now so should be able to post a lot but not sure working on my some things first and I am about to fall asleep due to my pain meds. LOL
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