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 Amazing Breaking news from Las Vegas Nevada ( front page, all radio, tv stations)

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PostSubject: Amazing Breaking news from Las Vegas Nevada ( front page, all radio, tv stations)   Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:31 am

" Early reports are claiming a disease infecting the city of Las Vegas, the national guard has been called in...we now take you live to President Obama at teh White House

"My fellow Americans i regret to be speaking with you today, and regret that i have installed marital law in clark county nevada...the news hit the white house this morning, the CDC has issued a virus afflicting a majority of the Population of the the county, all we know as of now is the virus seems to be contagious, and affects the descion making abilities of the brain, and the higher functions...I assure you, we will find a cure...and minimal life will be taken...my cabinet assures me that a cure is possible and in the process of deveolpment...as such all roads in and out of Las Vegas have been closed, a 150 mile zone around the city is considered a no fly zone all aircraft will be shot down...this is for the american peoples safety, and to avoid a pandemic...I have placed 10000 troops in and around the city, and am placing double that number in the next few days we WILL build a perimiter around the city, we WILL contain this threat and we WILL cure this virus...for your safety and others, do not try to enter the county , the guard is patrolling the quarentine boundaries and will fire upon anyone trying to enter or leave...we need to pray my fellow americans...and have hope...we have endured much as a country..god bless"

" So thats the story, Clark county home to Las Vegas is under military quarentine until further notice...the CDC is supposedly airdropping researchers in..i assure you we will have more on this as we get it...wait we have a camera crew they are live on frmont street...we are going live...

the feed has no audio

you see a woman running the camera man chasing her, the camera turns around and they are being chased by 15 people, their eyes black as night, the camera turns around and you witness a line of soldiers in camo and kevlar vests with helmets and gas masks a row in kneeling the other standing with assault rifles the woman waves her arms and the troops open fire shredding the lady the camera man..the camera falls down and spins around, you get a sideways view of soldiers firing on civillians charging them then one smashes the camera and it cuts off....

" oh lord...I...." the news feed cuts off
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Amazing Breaking news from Las Vegas Nevada ( front page, all radio, tv stations)
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