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 your storyteller

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PostSubject: your storyteller   your storyteller EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 8:28 pm

not much about me..that guy in my avatar..thats me unfortuneatly...im divorced, got a kid, work in hell and love to play rpgs...maybe its cause i suck so i wanna be someone else lol..i was always told my imagination was too big guess thats why im a GM..i can build thousands of npcs and words in my head in seconds ( i can make a PC for a game in less than 5 minutes...sucks cause then i have to wait 1-2hours for everyone else to finish) but hey when you make hundreds per game..making 1 is easy street

anyhow im an open book, open door policy with my games you got an issue be it with another player, with me, with my game come to me and we will hammer it out

i like input so, if you got an idea for something new be it trait, template, weapon, gift, rote etc let me know flesh it out and get it to me if its good, balanced and llegit ill add it....also being as how vampires have no orgon stories let me know what you think

persoanlly im leaning towards a demon possessed mortal became the first kindred some 3000 years ago and spawned the race, i do liek the caine theory from VtM..pretty cool..also the Blood gods i love from Mythologies...but what do you think?
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your storyteller
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