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 Christiana the Innocent Girl

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PostSubject: Christiana the Innocent Girl   Christiana the Innocent Girl EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 2:11 am

Christiana is seven years old and is the daughter of Ephraim, a Computer Engineer. Her mother Rebecca is a stay at home house wife. Her siblings include Rachel 6 years old, James, 3 years old, and Peter at 1 year old. Christiana gets along with her siblings and tries to help with Peter and James when she can if she's not playing outside with her friends or other things that keep her busy. Her family belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who once lived in Utah but had to move to Nevada for her Father's job. Christiana has a young Cairn Terrier as a pet which she calls her own, they have other animals 2 cats a black one, Boo and Snow respectively. I'll let you figure out the colors ^_^ and one other dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Jojo which is her sisters but the Cairn Terrier is her own and it follows her around everywhere. His name is Gizmo and is still considered a puppy by human and dog standards. She spends time when not in school, a church activity, or her karate classes around town riding her bike with her dog in the basket seat going places. She loves her dog and her family quite well. She hasn't spend much time in her new suburban neighborhood city yet but she loves to explore and with 3 other children at home her parents find it smothering to over shelter a child so much even though they have rules. They're kinda like the cool parents every kid wants but they're young heck they were only 16 years old when they had Christiana. Talk about teenage pregnancies.

Christiana and a picture of her dog Gizmo
Christiana the Innocent Girl Shirley_temple12
Christiana the Innocent Girl Cairn_Terrier

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Christiana the Innocent Girl
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