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 Alexander Bryson Klein

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Alexander was born on December 31, 1835. His parents named him after Alexander Maximus. When he was 5 years old his mother gave birth to twin girls and this was in the year 1840. In the year 1845 when Alexander was 10 years old he found out that he was a seer. He saw that one of his sisters would die by a madman. His vision came true and his parents sent him away. In a letter that his family sent him they said that he was a freak and that he should die. And they blamed him for his sister's death. They sent him to a boarding school in Egypt. His sister came to visit him and told him that she didn't blame him for their siblings death. While she was there Alexander became sick and lost conciousness. She was to go home that week, but she stayed to help take care of him. This was when Alexander was 13 years old. By the time he was 17 he knew enough to return home to his family. When he returned he found out that his parents had died. Alex inherited their parents house in the French Quarter. he turned the attic of their home into an apartment. When he was still 20 years old on October 31, 1856 he met Vladamir Romanioff. Later that night Vladamir came down from the attic and turned Alexander into a vampire. In the year 1880 Alexander's last remaining family died at the age of 35. Alex hasn't left his hometown in a 170 years. He still lives in his attic apartment in the year 2005. He has over the years turned the rest of the house into a store for the tourists to pick up what interests them or to have their furtunes read. He has continued to gather information for the Prince of New Orleans. Even vampires have come to his store over the years. In the year 2011 he was invited to the Prince's court and he found out that he was to be an ambassador from New Orleans in Vegas. So he got a plane ticket and the next few days he got his shop read and a sign that said closed on vacation. After he got his shop ready for when he was gone he packed a shoulder bag and he left to catch his night time flight.
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Alexander Bryson Klein
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