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 Nick Noápsspa Sipistoo Haise

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PostSubject: Nick Noápsspa Sipistoo Haise   Nick Noápsspa Sipistoo Haise EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 8:46 pm

this story is of a 19 year old on his own, memories
of his day out in the Pennsylvanian mountains
with his grandpa teaching me the ways of the
Blackfoot tribe the ways of the hunter and bow.
during the summers off school out hunting and learning
about survival in the wiled. when i he turned
15 his grandpa pasted, then his dad decided to
move them to Vegas sense them grandpa was the only relative
on his moms side so no reason to stay in Cleveland, after
moving to the Mojave he took what his grandpa
taught and took classes and studied the desert and
nature, how to live here, 2 years after moving
to Vegas his mom and dad spit up because he
was to much into work his work and didn't give
her any attention and the heart break sent his mother
into a deep and eventually fatal alcohol and drug abuse
his father only sending money witch he lives off of
with, hes 19 now, he fixes computers for extra
cash, and some times camps out in the desert
for days at a time to get a way from the false
lite world and back to nature. and his name is

Nick /Noápsspa Sipistoo/(eyes of owl) Haise.
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Nick Noápsspa Sipistoo Haise
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